TaliasVan's CosmoYouth Choir

In addition to his beautiful CosmoPop® and CosmoWorship™ compositions, TaliasVan is also a masterful composer of fun, uplifting, and inspiring children's songs. From the humorous "Oops", to the touching "Spirit Child", to the hilarious "I'm An Inky, Dinky, Stinky, Dinky Do", his CosmoKids songs magically capture the innocence of youth, while inspiring children to live for and love one another, instilling them with hope for the future.

TaliasVan's CosmoYouth Choir is also the youth choir of Global Schools for Starseed and Urantian Children and Teens located in Tumacácori, Arizona. Their debut album, published as "CosmoKids Songs of TaliasVan", consists of 14 original melodies and makes a perfect addition to your child's or school's musical library. All proceeds from the sale of this CD support the school's music program. The album can be purchased online from Global Change Tools.